Workout Help #9

This workout has the following combinations:

10. Jab, Right Low Kick, Jab, Cross, Left Low kick,
Jab, Cross, Hook , Right low kick
Ok, this one is pretty self-explanatory, but you need to realize it kind of has a “flow” to it:
you’re throwing a punch, then a kick, but each time you kick you are alternating legs.
And each time you punch you are adding an extra punch: ie. one punch, kick; two punches, kick; three punches, kick. Then repeat.   Think of this as 3 mini combos, not one long combo.

16. Jab, cross, duck under to side, cross, hook
So you’re throwing a jab followed immediately by a cross. As soon as your cross hits, you are imagining the opponent throwing a hook, and you are ducking under that hook- moving to the outside of it, and firing a return cross then a hook.

46. Hooks or Kicks
Choose whichever you want to work on. Either throw hooks (to body, head, mix ’em up, whatever); or decide that you only want to practice KICKS this round. Sometimes I like to do all push kicks (cause its such a good quad workout), or I’ll just mix it up and practice really laying into the bag with my shin while being keenly alert to the fact that the opponent is probably going to punch at me. Don’t get sloppy with your hands and defense. After the kicks, be ready and try to recover back to fight stance and guard QUICKLY!
If you have been wanting to practice spinning back kicks, or any other type of kick that I don’t have in the combinations, then this is a great time to do it!
32. Switch kick, right cross, left hook, switch kick
Make your switch kick fast and snappy. You don’t want to telegraph the fact that you’re doing a switch kick by putting too much time in between when you switch your feet and execute the kick.
As soon as you land, make sure you’re in a good fight stance (good guard up), and that you’re at the right distance for your right cross. If your distance is off, keep practicing with where you need to be as you either execute or recover from your switch kick so that you’re at the perfect distance for that cross.
Then, top if off with another switch kick. The two switch kicks take a lot of energy (in my opinion).
52. Rear push kick, front push kick, rear low kick, rear push kick,  right cross, left hook
I like to use my bag that swings a lot for this one because its very satisfying to have the bag swinging back at you when you deliver your switch kicks and knees.
Throw that rear push kick, as the bags swings back, hit it with your front push kick. Keep a great guard up, and throw that rear leg low kick. Recover from that and deliver another rear push kick.  And then simply: Right cross and left hook. Make sure you’re at the perfect distance to throw that cross/hook. Don’t allow yourself to be too close to the bag so that your cross is squashed up. You want full range on that bad boy!
53. Right cross, step in front upward elbow, spinning back fist right/then left, right cross, rear knee, knee, knee, right cross, knee
Ok, here’s where people need help!
Right after that right cross, the opponent is throwing a rear hook at you out of a defensive/panic reaction to your punch. Instead of merely putting your left hand up to block it, you’re actually cutting off his power by moving inside his hook and sticking a nice upward elbow into his chin.
If he gets his hook off, at least your hand/arm is up blocking as a natural byproduct of your upward elbow. But its gotta be done quickly after your cross.
Then, you’re really close to your opponent, and you decide to get cute with a spinning back fist. You’ll probably want to step right with your left foot to give yourself room to spin and still be stable with your balance. After it hits you spin to the opposite side and hit him with another one.
Without letting up the pressure, you bang him with a right cross, then a rear knee, two more knees in succession after that, and then pummel him with a right cross and another knee.
This one’s a doozie!
What gets tricky here is the footwork. After your spinning backfists, you may need to step left just a little bit so that you have a better angle on your right cross.
When all is said and done, don’t just walk away from the bag. Keep a very alert guard and expect him to rush you, or try for a takedown. You need to be on high alert, keep your hands in his face and back away ready to control his head, and/or throw a front or rear knee to interrupt his takedown attempt. (Where the head goes the body will follow)