Workout Help #8

For Round 5, (combo #13), throw these hooks any way you like. You could go for power, speed, different rhythms, whatever.

If you stand right at the bag and just pummel the heck out of it with the 2 head hooks and 2 body hooks, it makes for a GREAT ab/oblique workout! On the body hooks, really try to “shovel” those hooks up and in, trying to rupture the liver or spleen, -or- break the floating ribs.

Round 8, (combo #42) has a Tyson left hook. This was explained in the Instructions:

*One of the combos calls for a “Tyson Left Hook”. You’ve seen the way Mike Tyson does this: he’s bobbing and weaving and slipping his opponent’s punches, and he uses his momentum coming up and forward to deliver a really devastating hook. You can kind of leap forward into the bag with this hook, and really generate a lot of power. Its a fun one to do.
On Round 10, (combo #49), the “Jump in front push kick” is done by lifting your front foot slightly and pushing forward from your rear leg so that the front kick lands in the opponent’s abdominals. Its a good way to quickly close the distance and push your opponent backwards or off balance.
This combo has 2 “front knees”. These can be frustrating because oftentimes you’re not in a position to really give these any power. Don’t worry. Stay in good balance and don’t go “chasing” for this front knee to land. Use your front hand to pull the opponent into you by the head/neck, and if you aren’t in range to land it solidly, just “shadow box” this knee.
This knee can feel very “unsatisfying” on the bag because there’s often little to no impact. Don’t fret, just do it. Its teaching you the skill so that you’ll have it when the time is right. Often on this combo, the time isn’t right because the opponent isn’t close enough or in the proper position for this to land well. But its showing you that you have this weapon in case it ever needs to be employed. (You can always step into this knee strike with the rear foot if you so desire.)