Workout Help #6

There is not much confusing on this workout, so just ask any questions should they come up. However, on the last round, combo #51, after the double shovel hook, there is an “upper cut while stepping out”… Don’t even impact the bag on this (actually on any of our uppercuts), but you’re going to be moving backwards here and you’re only throwing this uppercut in case the opponent is following you out, leaning forward, etc. Then you finish him with a right cross.

I’m sure I will eventually have videos of every single combo, but in the meantime, if someone wants to make their own video of any of the combos and post them on Youtube, I can simply link them in to the site. I think that would be cool!

UPDATE: yep, just as I promised, videos have been filmed for each of these combos. I will upload them here as they become live on Youtube.


Combo #15

Combo #17

Combo #51