Workout Help #4

On Round 5, you’re using the first jab to close the distance to your opponent and are therefore following your punch in to get close for that left hook to the body.

Round 6 has pretty simple techniques, but it’s a fun combo to do.

On Round 7, we end with a left jab. This can either hit the bag, or if you’re further away, just shadow box it as if the opponent has followed you to your new location. Or, from that distance, you can actually move back in and hit the bag, or mix it up depending on how you feel and what scenario you’re painting in your mind.

On Round 10, after the first jab, I like to throw my cross to the body with a horizontal fist, and I just make a “quick impact” instead of a “forceful push”. Why? The latter seems to hurt my wrist every now and then, but feel free to do it as best suits you.

Right after that, it says to “jump right with left hook”… You’re already bent down from the cross to the body, so right from there, simply jump right and throw your left hook at the same time, so that your bodyweight moving right is behind the hook.

Any other questions, please ask!