Kickboxing Help #1

Only a few points you might need on this workout…. Most of the combo’s are pretty self-explanatory.

On Round 7, (combo #21), after you do the Triple Jab, you duck down and back slightly away by moving your rear foot out and bringing the front foot back to end up in a fight stance; then you throw the cross, then a left inside leg kick.

Don’t worry about much power on these Inside Leg Kicks, or anytime we throw the front leg roundhouse. Just get as much power as you reasonably can. When we want more power, we’re using a switch kick anyway, so everything has its rightful place in our arsenal.

This kick is either taking the person’s front leg out, hitting the inner thigh, or going to the ribs.

On Round 8, (combo #36), after the shoeshine combo, you’re stepping out to regain distance as you throw the first hook. Then, from there, you throw the other hook.

Round 10 is “Infighting”. This has been explained elsewhere, and I have a Youtube video showing what it might look like. Kickboxing Workout: Clinch-Infighting-Dirty Boxing – YouTube

Your Infighting/Clinch work doesn’t need to look like mine. Your’s might in fact be tons better. I just have this video available in case people have no clue what this might look like on the bag.