How this System uses the best of Science and Psychology

The Kickboxing At Home Workout System was designed over a period of a few years to follow the best practices of exercise science and psychology.  Every effort was made to be in complete alignment with what the top experts and researchers were revealing.   For many workout routines, you have to wonder if what you’re doing is in agreement with what the researchers are recommending; with this program you do not, because it is in complete harmony with the best training knowledge science has to offer.
Consider these few areas:

1.  The Weariness of Decisions:

Psychologists have discovered that making numerous decisions wears out our mental faculties and leaves us less satisfied with our choices.  Our System was created so that when you stand before the heavy bag, you already know what to do, so that you don’t have to make a decision or choice about what technique or combination to throw! Without using this System, you would actually have to make choice after choice, up to 30 times per round, leaving you much more mentally fatigued after your training session.  That is why you’re left with no stress after your training sessions on this program; it has been specifically engineered to accomplish this goal.

2.  H.I.I.T.
Exercise scientists have discovered and reaffirm with study after study that high intensity interval training is the best way to get maximum “bang for your buck” with your exercise routine.  Going at high intensity, followed by a short break, over and over again, has been proven to be much more beneficial than doing “endurance” workouts, like long-distance running.  There are always articles coming out about “the best way to exercise”.  Aren’t you glad that all you have to do is follow the System and all of that has already been taken into account for you?  You never have to worry that you’re not on the right track.
3.  Getting Psychology on your Side:  
Most people struggle with having the intention to exercise, but when the time for it comes they meet with resistance in their minds because they don’t enjoy what they’re doing and therefore look for a way out.  This System was designed so that when you first start each session you’re always starting with   “Round One:  Seated Stretches”, so that what you’re about to do is EASY and you need not be worried whether or not you’re “in the mood” or “have enough energy”, etc.  The next few rounds slowly increase the energy output so that each round simply flows into the next, and each one gets you in the mood for the following one.  This lets you use your psychology to work FOR you and not against you.  You will have much more long-term success with this type of System; in fact, moreso than any other workout routine!
4.  Muscle Confusion Principle:  Exercise scientists have been touting for decades to mix up your workout routine, create “muscle confusion”, and to keep your body guessing and adjusting to the stimulus you’re placing upon it.  In all fairness, many of the latest workout programs accomplish this goal very well, like the P90X for example.  In our System, each workout has you doing a unique set of combinations on the heavy bag, until you’ve gone thru all 12 workouts.  For most people, this is less than once per month, so you will never get sick of a workout.  You will probably only see the workout 8-10 times in a whole year- how could you possibly get sick of it at that pace?  You can’t and you won’t!
5.  Long-Term Solution vs. Short-Term Fad:   The HUGE advantage this System has over every other workout routine is that it is tempered so that it can be used week after week, month after month, year after year- without burning you out!  Most routines go for the impress factor by showing how hard they are, and how rapidly you’re going to see maximal results.  This is short-sighted, and only works for a small minority of people.  Most of them will burn you out quite quickly, and you will begin to hate doing them, and possibly start hating exercise in general.  You will go gangbusters for the first 6-8 weeks, then you will take a deep plunge off the exercise wagon and you won’t return until you’ve developed the intestinal fortitude to begin again, or you’ll wait until “New Years” to resolve yourself to pick back up, or you’ll spend more money getting the latest DVD program from the infomercial.  And you’ll repeat this cycle over and over again. You will always be taking one step forward and two steps back.  And you run the risk of getting sick and injured if you try to stay on.  Oh, by the way, I hope you enjoy “bootcamp” exercises, because almost all of the programs are nothing more than numerous bootcamp exercises given to you in various combinations and intensities, week after week.  They are no fun, and you will have to FORCE yourself with every ounce of willpower to continue, and this internal battle will take place every single day.  Believe me, I’ve done it, and so has probably everyone you know- and yourself- and it has never proven to be an effective long-term strategy to making exercise a consistent part of your life.  With exercise, NOTHING is as important as CONSISTENCY.  Even a poor program- that you will do, is better than an awesome program- that you won’t do!
6.  Avoiding Overtraining:   One of the most often overlooked biological factors to a successful workout system is the ability to recover.  Without recovery, you cannot progress.  Most programs have you going way past the point you can recover from before your next workout.  Any effort that is given past this point is simply wasted energy and effort.  Energy, mind you, expended on something you hate doing (ie. bootcamp exercises).  The Kickboxing At Home System has been specifically designed so that YOU can control the energy output level and adjust it to your own level of fitness.  A beginner and an advanced athlete can both use the exact same workout and each get the results he or she sought after with equal success.  How and why, you ask?  Because the heavy bag rounds are easily adaptable to one’s specific physiological makeup:  if you’re less fit, you simply do the fight combinations with less vigor, take more time between each combo, use less footwork and movement, etc.  The Rounds are adjustable to between 2-5 minutes, so each person can choose their own ideal level.  Or if you have less time one day, simply put the Round Timer on 2-minute rounds and go at full intensity.  I love doing it like this every now and then; its so much fun!
My general advice to people is to exercise around 85-90% of their potential.  You need that extra 10-15% that you left in the tank to recover with after the workout.  Most other exercise programs constantly are pushing you 100% day after day, which leads to overtraining.  Here’s what happens when you overtrain:
– Your body stops responding to exercise.
– You get sick or develop and injury (this is your body’s way of forcing you to slow down).  You will typically get a flu-like illness, a throat infection, or something similar.
– You lose motivation and enthusiasm for training.
– In a really bad case, you will actually burn/lose muscle tissue and start moving backwards in your progress.  Translation:  all that hard work for nothing!!!
There are many other ways in which this Workout System aligns itself with the soundest principles, not only of workout science, but of psychology as well.   It has been designed to avoid injuries, create a strong body for your “golden years”, increase bone density, enhance flexibility, develop coordination, balance, and athleticism; develop greater cardio and respiratory endurance, build more lean muscle tissue and decrease fat stores (one of the major health liabilities leading to heart and coronary disease).
It also greatly reduces stress (which is bad for you both mentally/emotionally AND physically).  It can serve to increase your self esteem and body image, as well as help you deal with things in life in a more empowered manner.  Because it is easy to stick with, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-discipline, and that can bleed over into many other areas of your life.   When you’re on an exercise program that is much too hard and burns you out, and therefore causes you to QUIT, it damages your self-image and can make you feel like a failure and lessen your belief in yourself.
This Workout System has been designed to counter those liabilities and turn them into strengths.  If you have not yet gotten started but are interested in doing so, why not let TODAY be the day you take your first step?  This is a program you can get on and stay on with full assurance that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK because you’re working WITH science and psychology in the most effective and efficient manner possible!

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