How Does This Program Compare to “P90X”, “Insanity”, etc?

Q.  What is the difference between this program/system and some of the others out there, like “Insanity”, “P90X”, etc?

A.   One thing I’m sure about is that those programs DO work, and I think they’re great, especially for people who enjoy training that way.   If you’re already on one of those programs, you may want to just alternate this training method with your other program and do both.

The primary difference, besides the Kickboxing Underground program being full of such variety, is that you’re not doing any exercises (besides stretching) that are simply exercise.      By that I mean, “exercise for exercise sake” , which is simply finding ways to push your body that force you to use a lot of energy (and willpower).   For example, squatting down low and jumping up in the air is exercise to force your quads to work, and with each repetition your quads are getting more and more fatigued and it becomes harder to catch your breath and push through “the burn”.   That is not at all fun; there are only so many “sessions” that I’d be willing to push myself to do that before I start making excuses about why “I need to miss my training today”.    Only the most motivated and self-disciplined will be able to use a program like that long term.   (However, if you ARE very self-disciplined, and love exercising, then those types of programs are really good.)

Now, compare that to how our legs might get used in the “Kickboxing At Home” program…   We have a round where you’re executing a push kick, or two.    Instead of thinking about how uncomfortable your quads are feeling, you’re now just simply concentrating on following the timing of the bag, and judging the distancing required, and making sure your stance is balanced, and trying to perfect your technique of putting the most energy into the bag (making your kick the most effective).    You’re also thinking about defense (what reaction the opponent might make), you’re working in whatever punches are in the combo, you’re perfecting your footwork and mobility, …..  a bunch of stuff  OTHER  than just thinking about burning out your quads!

The same could be said about every other muscle group, including your cardio.    At no time during the workout are you concentrating on “exercise”;  instead you are simply performing the given combination.   All the focus is on the technique, the combination, and the elements that make up the 3-minute round, eg. the footwork after each combination, moving around the bag, keeping your hands up and ready to respond to the opponent’s movements (or the way the bag is swinging).

While focusing on something else  (being “in the moment” of the fight during the round),  you achieve your goal along the way as a natural byproduct.

The “Kickboxing At Home” method is not just a “program”, it is also a “system”.

The “Program” is each of the individual workouts, so technically you’re doing 12 different “programs” on 12 consecutive training sessions.

The “System” is the way the 12 individual workouts or “programs” are put together with the understanding of how each affects the whole,  and the entire philosophy behind this method of training.    There are many, many elements all working together here,  from the timing of the rounds,  to the use of a round timer,  to the reasoning behind the order of exercises, the number of rounds, the rest periods, the necessity to be free of distraction during the training sessions, and so on.

It might sound complicated, but to the end USER of the system it is quite simple:   you just take your workout page/program for that session, place it where you can refer to it, and follow along.   No thought required.   So much thought went into the DEVELOPMENT of the system, that in order to USE  it no more is required, that’s why I believe this might be the only comprehensive system of its kind available anywhere.    There is nothing to choose during the workout, no options, no decisions to make; yet, in spite of those “restrictions”, you actually come away with MORE variety than you could have ever gotten through various “options”!

This lack of thought and decision-making by you is one of the reasons you will get such a powerful anti-stress, anti-anxiety and anti-worry effect from the exercise session.    You will never feel more stress-free than at the end of your workout session!    This effect is able to be achieved by the system because of the countless “trial runs” and tweaking over months and months and months of constant use and refinement.    This was not a “product” created to be marketed and sold.   This was a private system and method used with myself and my clients that simply became too good to keep private!

This is a no-hype zone;  you will always be told the truth here because I’m not looking to get a million “buyers” (although that does sound pretty good now that I think about it!).   I’m looking to get as many people exercising as effectively as possible and to have their lives be benefited as a result.   I KNOW  for a fact that this system will do it,  and if you get on the program you will never again have to worry about your exercise program being the right one.   You WILL get results.   You WILL get more fit.   You WILL get stronger.   You WILL  get healthier.   You WILL have a better body to grow older with, increasing your enjoyment of life.   You WILL have less stress and anxiety.   You WILL feel good about yourself.   You WILL  have fun.   And you WILL  learn how to use your body more effectively, move with better balance, and be more athletic and prepared for life.

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