How Does This Program Compare to Cardio Kickboxing?

There are a lot of kickboxing routines, programs, and DVD’s out there… how does one know which one to choose?

Let me start with this broad sweeping statement:

If all you are looking for is a good cardio workout, then I think ANY of the workouts or DVD’s can be a suitable choice.

Exercise is so important.   THAT you do it is more important than HOW you do it.   If you find something you like and it works for you, then more power to you.   There is no reason to pit one program against another.  The worst thing that can happen is someone talk you out of something you enjoy and are getting benefit from.

This program differs from cardio kickboxing in that you’re making impact on a heavy bag for every strike, and therefore have the weight/resistance of the bag pushing back on you with as much force as you’re putting into it.     So for me, you get a lot better bicep/tricep/shoulder/chest workout when your arm is slamming into a 100 lb bag than you would just striking the air.

When you do a Push Kick with all your strength, your quads are really going to get worked having to push that heavy bag away from you.

When you twist in with a hook punch to the body, your abs and obliques are really going to feel it as 100 lb bag is pushing back against you.

Plus, its more fun to train authentically.   You’ll get a lot of satisfaction throwing an effective combination at the bag, one that looks like it could really take care of an opponent, versus just punching out to the right side and flicking a  kick in the air before you go into a squat, come back up and do it again.    Again, not to knock any other exercise programs…. they’re ALL good and worthwhile, but this program is cardio AND resistance.    Regular cardio kickboxing does have one advantage, however:   it is done without a heavy bag!   So that means ANYwhere, and that’s great.   But there really is a “night and day” difference between the two, so much so that they probably shouldn’t even be compared – they are two separate types of working out.

The Kickboxing Underground  method of training may be too rough for some people.   Your shins might hurt hitting the bag.   You might scrape your elbow, or hurt your wrist.   Plus, some people just feel too violent hitting something; they’re more of a calm, peaceful type of person.   This type of realistic fight-scenario training may make them feel uncomfortable…. so it may not be for everybody.

If you don’t do this program, just do something you enjoy.   I can’t stress that enough!    Its HARD to exercise consistently, if you do something you don’t enjoy it makes it twice as hard!

Get out and ride a bike; play tennis; play basketball;  just get out there and get your body moving.   Its all good!   THIS program was designed as a systematic way to ensure that you get your exercise in consistently, that’s its effective as possible, and that you’re accomplishing all aspects of fitness in the same training session:  strength, cardio, and flexibility.

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