10 Ways This System is Superior to a DVD Workout Program

Think about this as you contemplate buying the latest and greatest DVD Workout Program being touted on TV and on the internet.  These DVD programs have audio.  That means that every time you workout, you are going to be listening to the same music (not music that you like, mind you) for ALL of your workout sessions, for the rest of your life.  Not only that, everything the instructor says, you will have to hear EVERY single time you play that DVD, for the rest of your life.  Even if there are 8 different workouts, you are still going to be stuck listening to their music and their dialogue each time you want to train.  And read the reviews on Amazon (the negative ones, where you find out what is irritating about the different ones) and you are going to hear how much it drives people crazy listening to the same thing over and over.  So, with that intro, read on and discover why the Kickboxing At Home Workout System is far superior to a DVD.  ANY DVD program!

1.  There is far more variety.  12 workouts in all, and all 12 are for every level, from beginner to advanced.  Some DVD sets come with multiple workouts, but most of the time only one or two are usable at your current level.  Even after one year of doing this program, you will probably have only seen the same workout 10 or 12 times.  This prevents burnout and helps keep you interested and enthusiastic about working out.  We also spread out ALL the workouts to cover your entire body, not devoting a whole workout to “abs”, or “legs”, or any other specific muscle group.  No one needs THAT much work done at once to any body part.

2.  Much less repetition due to the built in flexibility of the System:  the first 4 rounds are open to the addition of your own material, so YOU can decide what seated stretches, standing stretches, dynamic stretches, and shadow boxing you want to do.  Sure, you may want to use the same warmup stretches over and over again, but should you happen to come across a book or video that is showing you something new that you want to try, you simply add it into your stretching rounds, whether its seated, standing, or dynamic.  If its a technique, you can add it into your shadowboxing round.  This way your program can continually grow or evolve according to your needs or desires.  With a DVD, you’re stuck with what they give you, EVERY single time!

3.  Unlimited variety in the music:  with DVD’s, you are stuck to listening to THEIR generic terrible music EVERY single time you workout.  With the “Kickboxing at Home” System, YOU are the dj to your own workout.  One day you might want rock, the next day hip hop, the next time acid jazz or fusion or funk, or whatever… Being able to put on the music that YOU like, and are in the mood for, EACH and every time, is a huge plus.  HUGE!

4.  There are no tedious introductions and explanations to suffer thru:  DVD’s always have someone talking, introducing things, instructing, etc…. It might be good for the first time, but what about 6 months into the program and you’re still having to listen to ALL that annoying stuff EVERY single time you want to work out???   No way!  (Read the Amazon reviews from people who have been on a program for a while and you’ll see.)

5.  DVD’s can’t have you hitting an actual heavy bag.  Therefore there is no resistance behind your strikes.  You are at risk of hyper-extending your joints and causing injury.  (Did you ever wonder why they are wearing gloves??? )
But the best part about having a heavy bag is that the resistance it adds is what’s going to build muscle, increase bone density, strengthen joints, activate your core, PLUS, that’s the most fun thing about hitting and kicking:  IMPACT!!!   AmI right???   Of course!
6.  Most DVD’s have you doing cardio-fluff techniques that aren’t as directly translatable to an actual fighting scenario. Because your weight is not being transferred into any object, your stance and weight distribution upon impact is not quite as realistic and your muscle memory and neural pathways are being developed in a manner different than a fight situation.   Plus, with cardio DVD’s, you don’t have a target, and you aren’t visualizing an opponent.  With our System, you are impacting a bag. That’s the kind of balance and coordination you’re going to need in an actual violent confrontation for self defense. You have the weight of the bag pushing back against your fist, and that force is transferred into your arm, your shoulder, THRU YOUR CORE, into your legs, and into the ground… MUCH more effective for toning and building strength!

7.  All other workout DVD’s “pad” their workouts with all kinds of boot camp exercises!  Burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, sit ups, running in place, pushups, and all sorts of other exercises that are NO fun to do.  The “Kickboxing at Home” System has been designed to work these same muscle groups, but by doing something fun and interesting on the heavy bag.  This gets your mind off the “workload” and puts it into the “fight”, where time passes much more quickly, and with a lot more excitement and fun.

8.  DVD’s put your neck, and possibly your whole body, in an improper alignment.   DVD’s teach you to look at a screen, when your eyes should be laser-focused on your opponent.  When you’re trying to watch an instructor, yet your technique is moving your body with momentum in a different direction, this can cause you to crane your neck unnaturally and lead to neck injury and headaches.  Our System has you ALWAYS looking at your opponent, and NEVER taking your eyes off of him.  If there is ONE crucial habit to form for self defense and fighting, this is it.

9.  More stress relief and mental peace.  A DVD has constant INPUT into your brain thru your eyes and ears.  It doesn’t allow you to relax and escape into the workout.  It doesn’t allow you to think about your fight and your technique; your thoughts are constantly interrupt ed by the “talking heads” pulling you out of your zone and distracting you.  The “Kickboxing at Home” System will take your stress level from an 8,9, or 10 and bring it all the way down to a 1,2, or 3, EVERY single time you workout.  This has been anecdotally proven thru countless uses and training sessions and has never failed.  Following the Instructions as written will lead to a perfect workout every time.
10.  You don’t have to workout in the same vicinity as a TV or computer.  With the Kickboxing At Home Workout System, you are either working out at a gym, in your garage, or in a basement, and hopefully you’ve turned the entire area into a workout room so that it feels motivating and energizing.  Maybe its just me, but I can’t workout in a bedroom or in the family room; the atmosphere just isn’t right.  I don’t want to see all of the distractions of daily living.  I want an ESCAPE from my daily life, at least for an hour!  No TV, no computer.  Just the heavy bag, my System, and my music.  Now THAT’S a workout!!!

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