The Fight-Centered

Kickboxing Workout System

that lets you conduct your own exciting heavy bag fight sessions at home!

Have your Heavy Bag workouts started to suck?

Are you getting bored, unmotivated, and finding it impossible to stay consistent?


Most people are winging it. And let me tell you, winging it sucks. It feels like you have a plan, but you don’t. In each session, you’re having to decide what punch to throw, and where. You’re having to decide which kick. You’re having to create combinations in your head before you throw them. And because of that you’re suffering from “decision fatigue”.

And because you’re working on the fly, you get stuck with the same tired out overused combinations over and over again.  The ones that quickly come to mind. Each workout is relatively the same:  flat and boring.  You’re not working within a “system”.  You’re winging it.

You might buy an “app” to use.  Or an “audio workout”.  Or a DVD.  Truthfully, that’s better than what you’ve been doing, but each of those have their own serious drawbacks.  They cannot begin to compare with



This is the most unique and durable
Home Kickboxing Training System
ever designed.


You will follow a System that reinforces good fight habits, while getting a great workout using your entire body.


Each workout is 10 rounds and is designed to make sure none of the following areas get neglected.
  • Cardio/endurance/conditioning/stamina
  • Core/abs
  • Full body muscle strengthening
  • Fat burning (utilises the principles of high-intensity workout training, or H.I.I.T.)
  • Athleticism, coordination, balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Consistency in your workouts
  • Flexibility (it’s so easy to neglect it, so we built it right into the system and use it for a key advantage.)


There’s a lot wrong with 99% of the group kickboxing classes out there
  • They interject so many bootcamp exercises into the workout that about 80% of what you’re doing is anything but kickboxing.
  • They typically will work you so hard that it’s difficult to pair your training with any other kind of workouts you might have in your week. Imagine needing to rest from “leg day” and you show up to class and they want to blast your quads for 20 minutes! (Has this ever happened to you?)
  • The instructors at most classes just seem to “wing it” and therefore you get stuck with the same old tired combos again and again and again. 
  • Heck, usually they have you doing pushups while you’re doing the damn combo!  (This is not what fighting looks like, and this kind of training does not promote good fight habits and disciplines.)
  • Many of these classes are complete fluff.  They’ll get you in cardio shape, but that’s all you’ll get out of it.  (When you could be getting so much more!)


The scenario is not any more promising for home kickboxing workouts. They typically suffer from 3 main weaknesses:

  • The workouts are on DVD and require a TV or computer nearby. (It is no fun to work out with an electronic screen.)
  • They are designed as “products” to sell, not a true system to solve a problem. They will either burn you out, or bore you. (I never gave thought to creating a product or selling anything.  I was solely devoted to solving one major problem: “how to have the perfect home workout routine”. TLDR:  mission accomplished.)
  • Other workouts include tons of energy-expending boot camp exercises. Sure, they will get you in shape (if they don’t burn you out or make you hate exercise first.) But you’ll be left with very little that is applicable to a true fighting scenario. That is why people that do these workouts don’t get any better at fighting. A curious phenomenon indeed.





where time flies by, your outside worries take a break, you sharpen your skills and habits, and develop a tight, fit body as a natural by-product of the training. You might even think it’s fun.



is this for you??


  • Home exercisers who are looking for a long-term plan that won’t burn them out.
  • Fighters who want a great game plan for training solo.
  • People who love kickboxing but hate all the boring-ass bootcamp exercises.
  • People who want to train using a much more realistic and opponent-focused game plan. (not cardio kickboxing)
  • People who want to replace their group class with training at home.


what is it??

The Kickboxing Underground System is a “10-Round Heavy Bag Workout Routine” to build a strong athletic body, burn fat, and stay fit while developing fighting skills and building a varied arsenal of techniques.

As I Mentioned Above

Your Workouts Have Been Sucking Because of...

decision fatigue!

For most people, the heavy bag is fun for the first several times they use it but their training routines end because of boredom, repetition, monotony, and the mental drain that goes with deciding what to do during every round. This is called decision fatigue and is a real drain on how much you’ll enjoy your workout. Decision fatigue is such a detriment that people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg decided to wear the same thing everyday just to avoid it! Small decisions accumulate and erode your mental satisfaction. A heavy bag workout might be made of a thousand decisions! Yuck. No wonder you thought your workout sucked. It did. Literally. It sucked your mental energy and drained your body.

When you constantly have to think “What should I throw next?”, you can’t exercise in the moment. That’s why group classes are popular: the instructor takes your mental workload away from you and puts it on him/herself. What you need now is a way to capture that same freedom of mind, but at home.


  • You will rotate through 12 different workouts. Each workout is 10 Rounds long.  3 minutes each round.
  • You download a free round timer on a phone or tablet and use it as a fight clock: when the bell sounds and the light turns green, you work. When it turns red, you rest. 


  • A Heavy Bag (I recommend a Thai bag 100 or 150lbs)
  • Gloves (MMA or Boxing)
  • Hand Wraps
  • Free Round Timer.
    (Don’t use your main phone.  That needs to be hidden for your entire session or else it will serve as a distraction.)
  • Knowledge of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA Striking Techniques
    (You will need to know how to execute punches, kicks, elbows, knees, etc. You don’t have to be good at them; the whole purpose of training is to practice and refine your skills.  But you need to have the basic idea of how to throw them.)

If you have these things, I am going to introduce you to the most powerful, fun, and effective workout system available on the planet. This is not an exaggeration or a sales pitch. There is no better system on Earth for having an at-home heavy bag kickboxing workout.

how to have
in your exercise program

To have a successful, happy, consistent workout program you must have more than just the equipment… you need to have a plan.

Your plan needs to work for you long term. It needs to be much more than a list of things to do; it needs to make you happy. You become happy in exercise when you lose yourself in exercise

The Kickboxing Underground system has been carefully designed to help you experience a flow state during exercise. It does this like no other workout system.
Being lost in a flow state is good for your mind, your emotions, and nervous system. It gives your worries a break and reduces stress dramatically. Distractions, however, are sure flow killers.
You can’t answer the phone, respond to texts, or anything else during the training. You must constantly bring your mind back to the present. You need to carve an hour out for yourself, your body, and your mental well-being. This is how you get recharged and rejuvenated. The anti-stress benefit achieved with this program is quite significant. And this will happen every single time you workout with my System. Every. Single. Time.
So stay in the flow and enjoy your own personal “training camp”. Each session feels like you’re preparing for an upcoming fight.

In Practical Terms,
Here’s How This Works:

  • You will print out all of the Workouts and put them in a Notebook. (This will now be called your “Workout Notebook”.)
  • Open your Workout Notebook to Workout #1:
  • Your Workout sheet will guide you through all 10 Rounds of your training session.
    First you’ll get your tunes cranking, wrap up your hands, get your water handy, and get your Round Timer set. (Have your gloves ready… you’ll need them from Rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10.)
  • You’ll be using a round timer to pace every round of the workout. This will take “time” completely off your mind and let you focus on technique, execution, and performance.  You have to use a timer.  This is not optional.
  • When the bell rings, you look at “Round #1” and it gives you your game plan for that particular round.
  • The first four rounds have been designed to slowly draw you into readiness for the Heavy Bag rounds. It makes is sooo easy to start your workout that you don’t need to be “in the mood” at all.
    As long as you show up, the System will take good care of you. No more need for planning either before or during your workout.  Done!
  • With the first 4 rounds, before you “hit the bag”, you’ll have gotten your flexibility covered and will be able to move all of your limbs in any direction without stiffness or catching. You will be mentally geared up for additional effort before you have to perform it. (You’ll be amazed how well this works.  Trust me.  You never have to be “in the mood” to exercise.  The system will do that for you.  Show up lethargic.  Not feeling like doing your workout.  You will magically be in the mood before the heavy bag rounds start.)

the next 6 rounds...

The final six rounds of every workout are on the heavy bag. Fight the bag using the combination given on each round:

Move around, keep in a good fighting stance, keep proper distance, respect the punching range, and keep fighting until the bell rings.

It’s a three-minute fight using one specific combination. (This is so much more enjoyable than having to think up something new a hundred times during a round. That drains all of your workout energy- which is now going into the performance instead of planning.)

When the bell rings and the light turns red, it’s “break time”. A real break time. Not pushups and burpees time. (Hooray! Right?)

Cease fighting, catch your breath, walk around, get water, and really try to relax before the Green bell rings and it’s “Go” time again!

Don’t sit down during this time. Pace around unless you’re stopping for water. As soon as you hear the next bell to start the round, your guard goes up, you approach the Workout Sheet, and you read the game plan for the next round.

(That is all you have to do during this entire training System: wait for the green light /bell and then read the game plan for that Round. Your mind can finally relax. And this goes session after session, month after month, year after year. When you join the Kickboxing Underground, all your workout planning is done. For a lifetime. This System is perpetually renewable and you will love it! It does not become boring or repetitive. It’s a living, breathing system. Well, feels like it anyway….)

Ok, back to the workout…..

By the final bell and the end of Round 10, you’ll be exhausted, feel like a champion, have just gotten an amazing workout, and have a lot less stress.

All your energy is going into the workout instead of spinning around inside your head wondering what to throw or do next.

Until you’ve experienced this system, you will never fully understand just how liberating and energizing this is.

next session

When you return for your next training session, it will be exactly the same format, only the combinations and techniques will be different.

There is a ton of variety. More than you’ll find anywhere else.

Each workout has combinations with punches, knee techniques, push kicks, switch kicks, etc.

When I work out, I want to keep every session challenging and full of variety, as do you. Admittedly, you will be throwing a lot of right crosses and left hooks…. that’s just the nature of the fight game. Jabs too, and roundhouse kicks. Get used to ‘em, you’ll be throwing them a lot.

But there’s a ton of different techniques we’ll be using at various times during the workout program, so you get to at least practice a lot of different weapons to keep all your skills sharp and growing.

Besides a heavy load of basics, you’ll have spinning backfists and elbows, Superman punches, clinch fighting, you name it. Some things don’t get used a lot in life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to practice them and become proficient with them. It adds a lot of spice to the fight and to your training.

Since the workouts rotate in succession, it will be a month or maybe two before you’ll be repeating that same workout. This keeps it fresh and interesting.

Even after several years the workouts don’t get boring.

Take boxing for example: boxing is the “sweet science” and it’s based off of a small number of punches. But it is interesting enough to last a lifetime. So when you add in the plethora of techniques that kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA give you, you have enough tools to keep things interesting for years and years. Certainly.

Your body is your instrument through which you express yourself. And like a musician you don’t get bored playing the same instrument. But you enjoy the challenge of striving towards perfection… all the while being able to express yourself more and more truly as your mastery over your instrument increases.

Self Expression is what Bruce Lee said martial arts were all about.

I have pared a complete exercise method, modality, and philosophy down to its bare essence. There is nothing that needs to be added, and there is nothing that you should take away.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

There is zero fluff at the Kickboxing Underground.

Every action in the System was designed for a purpose.

Like a sculptor I chipped and chipped away at this System until there was nothing left that could be removed or changed.

The essence that remained is what I feel is the world’s strongest, most robust comprehensive workout system. Even a pro fighter could use this with complete satisfaction.

before you buy

Please note this System may not be right for you. And we do not offer a Refund Policy, so it’s important you choose wisely. You must know how to throw the techniques, because no instruction is given in them.

Don’t just mindlessly hit the “Buy Now” button. Make sure this is for you.

This is suitable for the home trainee all the way up to professional level with no deviation. But this is not recommended for beginners.

Perhaps after several months of kickboxing classes. You really need to know what the techniques are and how they might flow from one to another or you will have no idea how to do the combinations.

It is imperative that during your training session you shut out outside concerns for the ENTIRE training session: no phone ringer, text notifications, emails, social media, etc. You say you want to build discipline? Well, nothing tests discipline more than trying to keep the outside world away for one hour!

Feel free to read around the rest of the site and get a good idea on whether or not this is the right training system for yourself. I am not trying to pressure or manipulate you into buying, so take the time to consider whether or not you’re really going to use the System. I want this to be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.

And don't look for any fancy production. This is not a "product", it's a System. There is no pretty packaging. Heck, there's not even a "cover". In short, you will simply print the pages out and put them in a notebook. That Notebook will contain EVERYTHING you need without complication, fluff, hype, or gimmick. Write me if you have any questions before or after starting. My goal is to have you successfully training and loving every minute of it.

Are you ready to join us and begin training at home using this unique system?